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If you are wondering which Craigslist site in Florida gets the most traffic, don’t wonder any longer because it is without a doubt the Orlando Florida Craigslist site. While Tampa may have about 30% more population than Orlando, the Orlando classified site gets more traffic.

Why is that? Well, it’s probably because the metro areas of Orlando and Tampa are very close to being the same population. While the city population of the 2 vary more widely as a percentage, all the outlying and metro areas of Orlando bring it up nearly to the same size as Tampa. And one other big factor that many people might not consider is that Orlando gets a huge number of tourists and convention goers compared to Tampa. Orlando also gets a lot of temporary workers as well that service the tourism industry. Place like Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios employee a lot of these temporary workers and they in turn use Craigslist Orlando Florida a lot.

Probably the top surfed section of the Orlando Florida Craigs List site is the jobs section and that is because there are so many people looking for jobs in the Orlando area. While these jobs may only be seasonal, they account for a huge spike in traffic to the local Craigslist site. If you have never shopped the Jobs section in Orlando CL then you are missing out on the hundreds and hundreds of postings employment opportunities listed there. In fact there are more than 1,000 jobs that have been listed on the site since the first of the year. Try finding that many listings in your local classified newspaper. How many job listings does the Orlando Sentinel have these days?

Of course beyond jobs there are also the usual things for sale on the Orlando Florida Craigslist site such as antiques, furniture, computers and other electronics, concert tickets, sporting goods such a bicycles and of course cars and trucks which makes up the majority of things that are actually for sale on the site.

If you are looking for transportation then there’s no better place to shop than the cars for sale section of the Orlando CL site. Just as in the jobs section there are hundreds of ads posted every day. In fact, there are probably more automobile ads posted than there are job ads posted every day.

The bottom line however is that the Orlando Florida Craigslist classifieds site is probably the number one place to shop if you are looking for bargains of just about any kind. almost nothing beats a deal you will find in the classified ads online.

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  1. Don Vanous says:

    I am trying to find out how I would post an ad for baby furniture for sale. Can you tell me where I can do this directly on Orlando Craigs list.
    Thank you

  2. rosheita minnis says:

    how do i search for furniture three hundred dollars or less. thank you

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