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Many times there are Craigslist sites that don’t really have a specific town or location associated with them. In the state of Florida, Craigslist Space Coast is one of those CL classified sites. When looking for anything in Brevard County Florida, the Space Coast Craigslist site is the one to shop on.

Within Brevard County you will find the towns of Melbourne, Palm Bay, West Melbourne, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Merritt Island, Satellite Beach, Indialantic, Mims and many, many other locations. All the regular categories of classifieds as you would expect to find on any other Craigs List site are of course found on the Space Coast site.

One of the most popular categories on this online classified site is under the main For Sale category and that would be Cars and Trucks. I don’t know the complete stats, but the cars and trucks section is probably the most popular section on the site simply because you can find incredible deals on automobiles there. One of the reasons you will find such good deals is that you are able to search only the autos that are owned by an individual as opposed to being sold by the dealer.

It stands to reason that a car bought from a dealer will usually be more expensive because they have to pay for things like the buildings they have, they have to pay mechanics and salespersons, they pay for overhead, lights heating and cooling, regular car washings and minor maintenance and on and on. With an individual owned car, that will never be an issue because they don’t have overhead, they are just selling their car for a very specific reason and usually it is not just to make money.

Anyway, if you want to shop anywhere in Brevard County like Melbourne and Palm Bay or other local towns, the Craigslist Space Coast website is definitely the right classifieds site to be on.

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