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Believe it or not the hugely favorite classified site, Craigslist actually has a site for the Florida Keys. Craigslist Florida Keys is the 5th most search for Craigslist site in all of Florida. That’s kind of hard to believe since the Keys are so sparsely populated and fairly isolated from most other places. I mean, there’s really only one road in and one road out.

I’m guessing that the reason this is so is because there are probably tons of people looking for vacation rentals and other home rentals as they are looking for a place to stay when vacationing in the Keys. Let’s face it, even though lots of people love to go to the Keys for vacation, it is expensive and the best things about Craigslist Florida Keys vacation rentals is that you can probably find a great rental for a whole lot less through their classifieds that you would by going through a rental agency.

Because some individuals either clean their rentals themselves and may not have a management company to deal with, they can possibly offer you a better deal because they have much less overhead than a management company has. And even if you are dealing with an owner that is going through a rental or management company, it may be a lot easier to negotiate with them than it is with a company.

Besides there being a lot of vacation rentals in the Florida Keys featured on Craigslist, there are also lot of homes for sale down here as well. Real estate is expensive in the Keys, but if you want to live in a Florida paradise, I guess you have to pay the price. One of the nicest homes I ran across recently in the homes for sale section of the Craigs list Florida Keys is a gorgeous 3 bedroom 3 bath waterfront mini mansion on Sugarloaf Key. This piece of Florida Keys real estate is amazing and has some of the most beautiful amenities you can imagine.

From its bamboo ceilings, to its solid counter tops throughout and its dock out into the lagoon the property sits on, you will love this place and it could be used for your own getaway or to rent out as an income opportunity.

Of course Craigslist Florida Keys has the usual assortment of classifieds to fit everyone’s fancy from garage sales (I’ll bet you find some interesting garage sales in the Keys), to cars and trucks for sale, to furniture and antiques, to clothes and more, no doubt you will probably find whatever it is you’re looking for.

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  1. suzanne lucas says:

    seeking information on how to find either used or rental furniture in the Marathon, FL
    area…we rent a couple of months in the winter and would like to find a reasonable recliner to add to the duplex we rent.

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