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Who doesn’t need a good job in today’s economy? With unemployment hovering at around 10% and millions of people out of work and a bunch of those in Florida, Craigslist Florida jobs is a great site to start looking for some employment. Although there is no specific site with that name, you can find plenty of Craigslist sites within Florida that have plenty of jobs available.

There are 22 Florida Craigs List sites and every one of them has a ton of jobs available for that city and all locations around the immediate area represented by that classifieds site. For example, in South Florida alone there are more than 300 jobs listed just for today and there will probably be more than 300 more jobs listed tomorrow and the next day and the next.

There are literally all kinds of jobs listed such as:

Auto Warranty Sales

Maintenance Director

Administrative Assistant

Carpentry installers

Advertising sales

Office manage positions

Loan Modification Processors

AutoCad Engineer

Registered Nurses

Phone sales reps

Line cooks

Appliance repair technicians

and lots more.

I mean, no matter where you look on Craigslist in Florida there are tons of jobs being offered right now so there is probably a job position somewhere on Craigslist that you could fill.

I don’t know, but if you are reading the biggest classifieds website in the world and can’t find a job, I don’t see how that’s possible. It almost seems like if all the jobs on Craigslist were filled, unemploytment in this country would probably go down 5% or more, and that’s just from CL alone.

Go ahead and check it out on all the Florida sites representing CL and see of you don’t find something that suits your education level and skills. And if you don’t have the right skills, you might have to settle for a job that doesn’t pay quite as much, but at least you will be working. And of course, you can find even lower paying jobs on Craigslist Florida jobs as well. So start looking already.

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