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How many autos are for sale on Craigslist Florida cars? It is a bit hard to tell because there are over 20 individual sites for Craigs List in Florida alone and the cars and trucks section of this mega classified site is probably one of the busiest sections of the site, that is, excluding the personals section that people peruse probably way too much.

You can find just about any car or truck you can think of depending on what you are looking for. Daily, even on small sites such as the Craigslist Florida Keys section, you will find hundreds of cars for sale at any one time. In fact, right now in the autos section there are more than 500 listings there that just go back to Christmas day, never mind the several hundred more that go back further. Now, not all of these cars and trucks for sale are all in the Florida Keys section. Some are located in Lake Worth, Pompano Beach, Miami and areas close to the Keys, but they all aren’t specifically locate there. Which, by the way, you aren’t supposed to do.

Some of the best sections for finding a lot of great deals on cars are the Miami, Orlando and the Tampa cars and trucks sections of Craigslist. And amazingly, there are more than 3,400 individual car ads listed in Orlando, just for today! And some 3,000 classified ads for cars get listed every single in the Orlando and Central Florida areas. That’s a huge amount of cars to choose from and I’m sure with that many autos for sale you can probably find the exact car you’re looking for.

For example, if you are looking for a Toyota Camry there are more than 100 listings for just today and yesterday. And if you are in the market for a Mercedes Benz, there are also more than 100 listings for just yesterday and today. And if you are in the market for a Ford Explorer, there are about 150 of those for sale. And finally, if you need a real exotic sports car and are in the market for something like say a Porsche Turbo, well, you can find them in the autos section as well. In fact there’s a nice black Porsche for sale right now with 700 hp for a mere $91,000 listed on Craigslist Florida cars in the Orlando section.

All that and we’re just talking about a single section of a single Craigslist Florida website, where there are hundreds of sections of classified ads and over 20 individual Craigs List websites for Florida.

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  1. tameca wade says:

    toyota Camry will be something great.

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