Craigslist Florida comprises some 20 individual Craigslist sites and you can find all kinds of deals you won’t find at your local Walmart, Best Buy, car dealership or other discount store. Florida classifieds and different city information will be covered on our website as well.

Some of the other craigslist Florida sites we will talk about will be:

Craigslist South Florida
Craigslist Florida Keys
Craigslist Panama City Florida
Craigslist Orlando Florida

and lots lots more.

We will bring you all the interesting information we can find about Florida and the incredible bargains you can find on all the Craigslist sites in Florida. So, have a look around and see what you can find.

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  1. I have searched Craigslist for years, but have never tried to sell anything. Now I have a like new Motorhome that I want to sell.

    My motorhome is a 1958 GMC Bel-Aire in great shape. I bought it a year ago on ebay and have not gotten it home, and am fast getting too old to drive one. I am 90, will be 91 next month, and am a disabled (100%) from combat on Guadalcanal (ww11).

    This MH is great, it was used by a retired businessman and his wife, to tour the country. When they both died, their daughter had no interest in driving the MH, so she listed it on eBay, and I bought it with the understanding that it had to be towed, as the transmission was out. It had new tires, so I took a chance, since I had owned one
    like it, but I liked the interior of this one better. Only the latter palm beach, Bel-Ari’s
    have a dry bath, on the wall behind the driver. I will happily send photos of the MH,
    including interior, if interested.

    Asking ten thousand, OBO, as I need to sell it. I am too old to even drive to VA.

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